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Il ritorno di un’icona: Motorola RAZR is back!

Il Motorola RAZR V3 rientra nella categoria d’elite di cui fanno parte i cellulari che hanno segnato profondamente il rapporto controverso tra l’essere umano e la telefonia mobile. Chiunque faccia parte della generazione dei Millenials si ricorderà di questo modello iconico, ideato e prodotto dalla Motorola della serie 4LTR uscito nel 2004. È stato uno dei cellulari più venduti di sempre con oltre 130 milioni di esemplari. Design e funzionalità efficaci furono le caratteristiche più rilevanti di un modello considerato allora estremamente innovativo.

Dopo un periodo di stallo, durato esattamente 15 anni, l’azienda statunitense sembra essere pronta a tornare alla carica con il lancio di un nuovo prototipo: il Motorola RAZR V4. Avete letto bene, nessun errore.

Appare chiaro l’intento dell’azienda di mantenere l’appellativo originario del modello. Potrebbe sembrare una semplice operazione nostalgica ma, il flip-phone, verrà lanciato in una versione totalmente rinnovata e con schermo flessibile, in linea con le nuove implementazioni tecnologiche che stanno caratterizzando il mondo della telefonia mobile al giorno d’oggi.

A tal proposito, alla fine dello scorso anno Motorola ha emesso un brevetto con un design che ricorda fortemente quello del classico RAZR, con la nota di modernità che tutti ormai ci aspettiamo: un display flessibile.

Gruppo 17

Stando agli imminenti lanci del prodotto dei competitor (Huawei e Samsung), è possibile ipotizzare che la data di uscita del Motorola V4 sia entro l’estate.
Analizzando la componente commerciale, possiamo effettuare delle previsioni circa il possibile andamento del bilancio a seguito del lancio del nuovo prodotto; considerando l’elevato prezzo di lancio pari a 1500 $, al cambio 1320 euro, giustificato però dal costo dello schermo pieghevole, si prevede un incremento cospicuo dei ricavi.
Il progetto del 2019 sembra dunque essere orientato al lancio di un remake che unisca la forza di
un brand storico alle nuove tecnologie. Motorola riuscirà a replicare il successo avuto con il RAZR?
“Ai posteri (ed alla smart community) l’ardua sentenza”.


Tramontozzi Sofia

Trifirò Salvatore

Visconti Michele

Zambon Lorenzo

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Street to Chic: How sneakers like Balenciaga could become one of the leaders of the luxury market

Jogging, crop top, belt bag, sneakers… Today the key word is “streetwear”. The nineties trend is giving a boost to our wardrobe. Is this caused by a willingness for renewal or democratization of luxury brands? We will address this topic by understanding how Balenciaga transformed the sneaker perception from street to chic.

Straight out of the closet of men, the Balenciaga sneaker is now a masterpiece of the everyday life. But did you know that this type of shoe appeared in the late 1800s, initially for sport purpose? Moreover, did you know that these rubber-soled street shoes did not distinguish the left and right foot? Today the value of plimsolls has changed and become part of the high-fashion industry, being considered an accessory in the luxury field. This phenomenon just grew day by dayasnew streetwear-oriented artistic directors, “new rich” like youtubers, bloggers and influencers has emerged. It seems that the target segment is changing and the positioning tends to be younger.

Balenciaga 2.png

If we take a quick tour on Instagram, we observe that the Triple S shoes are worn by many celebrities, such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Chiara Ferragni. We find it everywhere, in magazines, up on the catwalk, and especially, on social networks. Worn in a quirky way, with dresses for women and suits for men, celebrities do not lack creativity to value Balenciaga sneakers.

The magical combination of the world of fashion, influencers and social media results a true marketing weapon which enables brands to spread and even launch new trends. We can conclude one thing: whether you like them or not – with the help of Balenciaga, sneakers are becoming indispensable in today’s street view and fashion industry.

Team 02

Noortje Hendriks, Kristóf Papp, Yasha Thiriart, 
Clara Moulis, Tugce Cantepe, Oceane Eloi


PR Newswire.Transparency Market Research



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The revenge of the Millenials: PlayStation One is back!

Ladies and gentlemen, PlayStation One is back.

For the 25th anniversary of PS One birth, SONY has announced the launch of a ”new” console: “PlayStationClassic” which it will be available in stores ready for Christmas on December 3rd.

People of iGeneration, like us, who grew up spending days playing classic games such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro can’t ask for a better news from SONY and we are all very excited about it. This “back to vintage” trend has lately been a marketing ploy in gaming industry to involve a bigger number of fans. For example, Nintendo has used this “nostalgic effect” to drop on the market the NES mini-classic. The main purpose of the Japanese company is to let discover the old games to the new generation of gamers and, at the same time, let the nostalgics dive in the past with the charm of retro-games. The new Sony console will include games such as: “Final Fantasy VII”, “Tekken 3” and many other yet to be discovered.

Immagine 1

The console will be released at the same time in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan for the price of 99,99 euro, with the classic style and design of original Ps1. Furthermore, the traditional controllers (without analogues) and an on-board memory for saving games, will be present in the standard pack. As much as we love the ”vintage” style of basic model, the technological changes that SONY made to this console are huge: PlayStation Classic will be 45% smaller on the sides, less bulky (80% reducing in volume), and it will support an high-definition graphic thanks to the HDMI cable. These improvements will make the PlayStation Classic more user-friendly, being lighter and easier to handle, creating the opportunity to play with friends wherever and whenever you want.

Will the japanese company be able to amaze its users once again?

Immagine 2.jpg

Team 37

Loreti Chiara, Mancini Riccardo Maria, Maraglioli Lorenzo,

Marmorato Lorenzo, Marzano Marco






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Sebago is back!

sebagoDid you ever dream to do Micheal Jackson’s moonwalk dance step?

With Sebago it is now possible. This American brand present on market since 1946, and now acquired by Marco Boglione’s BasicNet group, at a total price of 14,25 million dollars, is a true style icon. The BasicNet group will integrate the new brand and all its specific applications into its business model, as has already happened successfully for the brands Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Jesus Jeans, Superga, K-Way, Sabelt and Briko.

Sebago was the American footwear per excellence, worn not only by Micheal Jackson, but also by the elegant President Kennedy and by James Dean. In order for this brand to regain its initial value, Boglione’s group guarantees quality by sending inspectors around to evaluate the samples, and by distributing serial codes that attest the authenticity of the product, but the main reassurance derives from the reviews published on the BasicNet platform by local entrepreneurs scattered in over 120 countries. The system works particularly well in relaunching brands that, before failing, had a strong personality and international reputation.

The idea of acquiring the moccasin and boat shoes’ historic brand Sebago from the Wolverine group was born out of passion, after it fell into a long crisis in 2017. The Italian entrepreneur selected furnishers in Mexico, Dominican Republic and North America due to the fact that relying on American producers is above all a question of style. “Sebago is the shoe of the Americans – says Boglione– From a practical point of view anyone in the world can produce a shoe. But the technique with which US companies “fry” the soles, work the leather and take care of the details down to the knurls is a specialty all Made in the USA. I want to return this brand to its rightful place. On the medium-high range. A sporty but classy product, the shoe worn by Kennedy but also by James Dean, and tomorrow, why not, also by Trump”.

Team 04

Letizia Peverini, Arianna Sibani, Marco Tonon, 

Martina Valentini, Geraldine Cocca, Camillo Cornetto Bourlot




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From Rags to Riches, the Marvel case

What comes to mind when talking about Marvel and its over 8,000 characters’?

Bravery, Adventure, Power.

Marvel, present in the entertainment industry since 1930, nowadays dominates the comics market and it looks like nothing may “pierce its shell”. But it was not always like this… 27th December 1996 have maybe been Marvel Entertainment Group worst day. That was the day in which Marvel was filed for bankruptcy due to the market decline in comic-book and trading card sales, started in 1993.The situation was critical and the company that made millions of people fall in love with fantastic tales was on the brink of the abyss.

Marvel 2

To overcome this, Marvel gradually built an unshakeable brand. The strategy was divided in two phases: the first one was to create movies for individual heroes, and after, to create a group story in order to attract a much larger audience. It was decided to follow a “repeatable formula strategy” in order to exploit the strongest elements in the company’s core. Implementing these new strategies Marvel avoided bankruptcy and slowly started to “get back on the track”.  That was not enough and so in 2005 Marvel board approved a 525 million dollars deal with Merrill Lynch for the creation of Marvel Studios (film production company) in order to have a complete creative and economic control over their films rather than accept paltry fees from other companies for Marvel’s characters film production. The company started to produce highly profitable films as Iron Man that made almost 600 million dollars at the box office. In 2009 Marvel Entertainment was acquired by the Walt Disney Company for 4 billion dollars.

As a result, the massive popularity raised Marvel’s overall brand awareness, leading to increase box office sales for later movies, and more revenues from merchandising of all characters. The successful strategy was building the brand, as it will pay off in the long run.

Castaldi Umberto; Ufilugelli Claudio; Vitale Andrea; Zema Emanuele; Ortisi Giulia; Munari Ilaria




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ROLEX GMT- Master II “Pepsi” : The remake of a timeless icon

Rolex after 64 years from the launch of the first GMT-Master, has introduced the new version of the “Pepsi” during the Baselword 2018: the cosmopolitan watch is back.


“…for pilots, ships’ captains, navigators, travelers and members of the Armed Force” as stated in the advertisement in 1956. It has always been considered a must for travelers, as it allows to read simultaneously the local time in two different places anywhere in the world.

The red and blue bezel was inspired by the partnership between Rolex and PanAm Airlines which was looking for a watch that would allow pilots to read two time zones simultaneously. The colors of the dial, showing the difference between day and night hours gave the name to model (“Pepsi”), as it resembles the famous logo beverage company.

The first difference comparing the new GMT II with the old “Pepsi” involves the materials: the former version was made in 18K gold, while the new one is made in steel, with sapphire glass, a new generation caliber 3285 and a jubilee bracelet as a substitute for the historical oyster bracelet.

It has a traditional hour-minute-second display with an additional red hand that shows the second time zone and a bidirectional rotatable bezel with a 24-hour graduated Cerachrom insert.

“Pepsi” is priced at 8900€ by authorized dealers, but waiting lists are several years long. To jump the queue, the same watch is selling for 17000 € in the secondary market.

rolex 2

What made Pepsi an object of desire is Rolex’s marketing strategy: the availability of a good is artificially diminished, thereby increasing its exclusivity. If lucky each dealer is able to have 6 pieces per year. The artificial contraction of the offer keeps the price high and allows a better keeping of its value over time: the estimated Rolex’s production is around 800.000 watches annually that generates sales for 4B €. Rolex’s true masterpiece is not a watch but its strategy.

Fernando Borelli; Vittorio Coscia; Isabella Barbaresi; Riccardo Mastronardi


Orologi di classe:


Watch Price trend:


Rolex website:

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Rebuilding LEGO: How Lego overcame the crisis brick by brick

Lego is one of the most valuable and powerful brands in the world and the leader firm in the toy market. According to Brand Finance, Lego Group is worth $7.57 billion. Everyone knows this iconic brand, but only few know that in 2004 Lego was on the brink of bankruptcy.

In the early 00’s the Danish company faced a difficult period; it found difficult to give to the consumers what they wanted. Moreover, the company had serious problems in managing costs, that for some products were higher than returns. By 2003, net sales fell by 26%, play material sales slipped 29% and as a result, the pre-tax loss on earnings came in at $211.7 million.

Immagine 1

In those years, Lego survived only thanks to a brilliant marketing choice: it introduced new products licensing Star Wars, that had (and still have) an huge success. Moreover the new CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp introduced a sense of budgetary responsibility in order to monitor production and money waste. Then, he understood that Lego had lost its creativity and, consequently, its engagement with the consumer, so he decided to entrust the management of the creative sector to the fans of the brand. This strategy turned out to be successful, regaining the sentiment of the fans and increasing sales.

This kind of marketing can be defined as side marketing: it is not limited to the simple variation of the product, but this last submit a real transformation of its concept. In this way it allows the creation of a new market, or a new category, which allows it to compete even in saturated and mature markets.

In 2014 Lego also debuted in the world of cinema with great success ($468.8 million in revenues) and has now become one of the most engaging brand of digital, especially on YouTube, with more than 280,000 subscribers and over 120 million views and with an audience that includes both children and adults.


Team 42

Mastrangeli Andrea, Racano Roberto, Raucci Pietro

Rigon Alessandro, Romaniello Giovanni, Romeo Giuseppe





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From Kurt Cobain to Sfera Ebbasta: the revival of the Christian Roth’ sunglasses

“Everything returns like a circle that closes”: people, emotions but also passions and trends. In fashion, the return to the past is a must that no one can give up to. What suggest the great fashion brands is not the innovation  at all costs but looking back and regaining possession of our stylistic past but only brands with a long tradition can re-propose their icon pieces. This is the case of Cristian Route’Series 658 sunglasses, which become sign of distinction of Kurt Cobain.

Over twenty years after the first launch, Roth launches the updated version of the latter with a more modernized style, the Archive 1993. Powerful symbol of combination between music, fashion and culture, the sunglasses have been renewed thanks to materials and manufacturing techniques that meet the needs of the new generation of eyewear fans.

The rehabilitated version gives an entirely new graphic interpretation while remaining true to its classic shape. By the way, the collection includes three new interpretations of the model; the third one is made with a rare type of acetate produced in Cadore, and it’s an homage to the Murano’ glass.

Today, having a vintage piece of fashion is a “must” for the young generation and for those who wants to be a rule model, like Sfera Ebbasta, who decided to wear the Achive 1993 on the cover of his famous album “Rockstar” just like Kurt Cobain did in one of his most iconic photo. After him other musicians of the Italian Hip-Hop panorama begin to wear them in their music videos and their concerts.

Where does this need to look back come from? The hunger for what is vintage could be linked to moments of cultural disarray where to recover habits of the past means to anchor to something certain, but what is certain is that from the almost magical charm, the vintage it’s a siren that always chimes us.

Team 45

Milici Federico, Piersimoni Luca, Porcari Martina

Tozio Alina Angela, Trisciuoglio Vincenzo, Villi Stefania

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Resurrection of a dead Brand: Fiorucci angels are flying again

“Sometimes they come back”.

This sentence precisely describes the discontinuous success of an historic Italian brand. Blue jeans, red-and-white stripes and cheeky angels: we introduce you the history of the ’80, we introduce you Fiorucci.

Fiorucci was created in Milan by the stylist Elio Fiorucci in 1967. Since the birth this brand knows a positive feedback: Elio Fiorucci follows the tendencies and finds the right way to have success, making of his pieces real icons of the fashion system.

Starting from the bottom, in Italy, Fiorucci realizes an accurate strategy that allows it to be one of the first firms to join globalization: not only Italian girls, but girls all over the world started to look at those “swinging Sixties”clothes with desire. That’s the era of the young rebellion and the cheeky angels – Fiorucci’s icon since the beginning – are the right symbol to inspire a generation that follows both hedonism and transgression.

Anyway, fashion tendencies and costumers needs constantly change and Fiorucci has serious difficulties in following the market growth: the brand lives a phase of decline because of management mistakes. The cheeky angels fame is finished, shops in Milan, London and New-York are closed and retailers don’t sell Fiorucci clothes anymore.

The history of the brand seems to be written.

Fortunately, not all the histories have the same end, and this one is unexpected: the English genius of retail strategy, Janie Schaffer, became CEO in 2015 and realized an incredible rebirth of Fiorucci. This return has been realized leading to Social-media impact and Millennials role, that Schaffer recognized in all their potentialities. With a strategic use of social networks, Schaffer was able to bring back Fiorucci into costumers minds, thanks to the fact that everyone could still recognize the iconic logos and the main characteristics of the brand.

In conclusion, everyone knows that 2017 has been the year of Fiorucci Resurrection.

Now is a new era to remember.

Team 10

Lucia De Felice, Benedetta De Maio, Francesco Desiderio, 

Alice Di Giovine, Victor De Souza Almeida, Mario Di Marco



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Back In Black: Vinyl Turns Out To Origins


Black Disk Is Back. Numbers are revealing that.

In Italy, in 2017, the 33rpm market grew by 46.7% (FIMI data). A resounding boom that has brought the oldest support for the use of music to recover 10% of the national record market. While as stated by RIIA (Record-Industry-Association-of-America) in 2017 in the US, for the first time since 2011, sales of physical format discs (LPs and CDs) have exceeded digital ones, reaching 14.3 million, an increase of 9% of album sales in 2017.

But what are the factors that boosted vinyl sales?

The dematerialization of the object, as a cultural product, has led to a lower awareness of the work done by musicians. Downloading a song in mp3, for example, is a process that allows us to listen to a song in a few seconds. But it is still something intangible. The value of the concept album is lost, that is to say, to have the opportunity to listen (calmly) to all the pieces contained in a work.

So apparently, the return of vinyl could also mean the need and the desire to take the necessary time to listen, to discovery and reflection. An answer to the frenetic rhythms of a society that consequently has also accelerated the times of fruition of art and listening. A nostalgic and, in some ways irrational, desire to stop the time machine, to try again, or try for the first time, old sensations like the extraction of disk from the envelope, the perfume of the newly printed packaging, the noise of the needle that lies on the furrow, and the beauty of holding a cover in hands, which is often also a work of art, while from the speakers of the hi-fi system comes a warm and enveloping sound, with lots of hissing and natural background noise that music in digital format had erased and sterilized.

And that’s why we are so excited to say: Welcome back vinyl!

Team 39

Naclerio Alessandro Gaetano, Navarini Alberto, Nardò Francesco

Niglio Emanuele, Paglioni Alessandro, Panetta Luca Eduardo