With the focus on reaching a beyond zero environmental impact and achieving a sharp positive impact within the automotive industry, Toyota set itself six challenges to accomplish by 2050 in order to realize sustainable development together with society. From vehicle emissions reduction to climate change and resource recycling, the Japanese colossus still involves itself in several initiatives, just as the launching of the new KINTO platform, which has been introduced on February 5th.

The foundation of KINTO Co. Ltd is part of the Toyota’s strategy following the currently growing demand of an innovative user-car relationship that switches from the traditional car usage to a free and flexible experience. This allows customers to freely select the car they want to drive and enjoy it as they like, without the duties of manteinance, registration and everything that comes up with a personal car ownership.

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Since the beginning of the trial period – started in Tokyo on February 6th – customers can apply and sign into the KINTO platform and choose between two kinds of car-sharing services:

  • The “KINTO ONE” package, which allows customers to drive one Toyota-brand vehicle over a three-year period. It consists of a monthly charge between 390€ and 675€ (fees included), depending on the car selected among the 5 different models available;
  •  The “KINTO SELECT” package, which includes six models of Lexus-brand vehicles that can be driven over a three-year period spending a fixed sum of approximately 1550€ per month, all fees included.

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“Enjoyment” and “gamification”, just as “environmental and social impact” are the keywords behind the initiative made by the Japanese automaker. Through a point-based system – which rewards users driving safely or in a more eco-friendly way giving them points to use towards the service payment – the KINTO platform gives perspectives of increased susteinability and safety within the society. Toyota, indeed, also means to encourage people to have a green footprint in the world and increase their lifestyle quality.

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